Employment Equity

Employment equity can add enormous value to an organisation

The Employment Equity Act applies to black people, and all women and disabled people. It stipulates the requirements for affirmative action to ensure that qualified people from these groups are equitably represented in all occupational categories and levels of a company.

Employment equity can add enormous value to an organisation, provided it is understood and implemented correctly. Dot Connectors helps organisations to identify how EE can create value for them at strategic level, and how to turn it into driver of human capital development within the business. We also ensure that clients are compliant with the EE Act, and that the EE points contribute to the BEE scorecard.

The act is binding on any business that employs 50 or more staff, OR if they have an annual turnover more than indicated in the Schedule below (per industry):

Employment Equity Act

Schedule 4

Annual Turnover Threshold - Revised January 2014

Industrial Sector OLD Total Annual Turnover NEW Total Annual Turnover
Agriculture R 2,00m R 6,00m
Mining and Quarrying R 7,50m R 22,50m
Manufacturing R 10,00m R 30,00m
Electricity, Gas and Water R 10,00m R 30,00m
Construction R 5,00m R 15,00m
Retail and Motor Trade and Repair Services R 15,00m R 45,00m
Wholesale Trade, Commercial Agents and Allied Services R 25,00m R 75,00m
Catering, Accommodation and Other Trade R 5,00m R 15,00m
Transport, Storage and Communications R 10,00m R 30,00m
Finance and Business Services R 10,00m R 30,00m
Community, Social and Personal Services R 5,00m R 15,00m
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Dot Connectors is a management consultancy specialising in transformation compliance in Black economic empowerment (BEE), skills development and employment equity (EE).
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